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By: Rain City Maids
Jan 14, 2020

When days are cold, you can easily stay warm using layer after layer of clothes. But, it's more challenging to stay in style wearing your same old winter coat. How to dress for winter weather without spending on new clothes? Here are some winter fashion tips that surely you can apply to your wardrobe. Remember, the key is to use your creativity before using your wallet.

Leather for the cold weather

No wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket. This cool wear is handy in all seasons, and it can be a warm complement to your outfit during the winter. You can wear it with almost anything. When the night is cold, rug up in a hoodie or a roll neck jumper or, if the temperature isn't so bad, wear a casual t-shirt underneath. Every combination you try will look fantastic because a leather jacket is a timeless look.

Wear those showstopper high boots

Got a pair of killer over-the-knee-boots? Winter is the perfect time to let them shine! This cozy look can be matched with a pair of jeans or a jumper for a more casual outfit, or try a skirt or mini dress and go out on an elegant night. Low temperatures are no excuse for going out with a dull wearing.

Make your layering play right

Sure, thick and heavy clothes will keep you warm in winter, but whenever you enter an air-conditioned room you'll be over-clothed and uncomfortable. Wearing several layers of clothes will solve this problem and also allow you to match your outfit better. Try a turtleneck under a sweater that’s under a jacket or under a coat. It never fails to keep warmth in your body. And of course, on freezing days, keep handy your old clothes like ripped jeans to put them underneath the layers so no one can see them.

Use those blanket-wrap scarfs

Take a look at your wardrobe and pull out all the scarfs you have. Perhaps you notice some forgotten ones, too big or lengthy for you to use throughout the year. But, it's time for those scarfs to hang proudly around your neck! There are many ways to wear a scarf: traditional wrapped-around-neck, the more retro look of a scarf around the head, like a belt on top of clothes, or even tied as a knot on your shoulders.

Wrap yourself in a belted coat

Yeah, maybe a belt in your coat won't warm you more, but surely it is an excellent way to change your overused winter coat. On the long cold days, when you can avoid wearing the same thick and warm jacket, put a belt around your waist and look at how your clothes gain new life. Your friends will compliment your "new" coat, unaware that they have already seen you wear it all week.

With these easy fashion tips, you'll stay warm in winter without losing style. Also, you can prepare for next winter by buying different scarfs, turtlenecks, and high boats. Remember that if you need help for tidy up and clean your closet, Rain City Maids is here for you. Contact us on our website.

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