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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 22, 2019

You finally made up your mind about going to that Halloween party, but only now you realize that you don’t have a costume! Well, panicking won’t solve a thing.  What you need are some creative Halloween costume ideas.

It’s s time to get your hands in action and create one of these last-minute costumes that look as good as the real deal. All of them are super easy to make and are very low-budget, so you won’t spend a fortune or an eternity making them. And, if you’re the one organizing the party, maybe you want to use the costume money for a little help cleaning the house the day after.

Here are our easy Halloween costumes for adults!

Men in Black

This is an excellent concept for couples or friends to recreate for many reasons. First of all, nobody looks cheap in a smart all-black suit, that’s just a fact. Second, you can spend the rest of your budget accessorizing so the point is driven home further, like recreating the memory-wiper-light-flasher thingamabob they use in the movie. 

Remember that your suit is supposed to be all black except for a white shirt. If you’re doing it as a couple, your shades need to match. If you happen to own a pug (or at least a plushy of one), then you’re set!

Miss Universe

Maybe you don’t own a Halloween costume, but you do have a fancy dress hanging in your closet just waiting for a chance to shine again. Well, it’s time for both of you to reunite. Make yourself a lovely and convincing Miss Universe (or switch it for a spooky title) sash, get a big bouquet of flowers (shouldn’t be that expensive around Halloween), and find or make a nice tiara, then doll yourself up as much as you can. No pageant or costume party will resist you.

If you own a dress that’s just OK, then not everything is lost. You can add humor to your costume by drawing (or building, if you’re crafty) all the planets of our solar system, as well as a bunch of little stars, and gluing/sticking/sewing them to your dress. Accessorize as we told you in the paragraph above, and boom: You’re Miss Universe now!

Bread Winner

OK, this is super puny and we apologize for that, but it’s also the most low-budget costume on this list, which makes it excellent for those very-last-minute parties we all get invited to. First, dress in sports attire, such as your old track and field uniform or as if you’re running a marathon (including the number in your chest). A sweatband also helps. Then, get as many fake gold medals as you can hang around your neck, and grab a couple of bread loaves. Boom, you’re now the breadwinner of this house. Hey, you’re groaning now, but this joke is a winner (no pun intended) when your audience is a couple of glasses of wine deep in the party.

The White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland)

Everyone knows that following the white rabbit is the best way to find great things, especially at  a Halloween party. To transform into this beloved character, all you need is a white suit or dress and a bright red blazer. That’s your base, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all, as long as it’s all white (including your shoes). Next is accessory time, and you will be needing a light blue bowtie, some white bunny ears, and an oversized clock to hang around your neck; for the latter, you can put a little chain around a regular clock. 

If you already have a pocket watch, that is better, but women can also change it up a little with a clock-shaped bag or purse. You can get those on Amazon for under $20. To sell it further, you can paint your nose black and get a pair of fake bunny teeth, just remember not to swallow them!

Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree

Bob Ross is an American icon, that’s for sure. He is also had an iconic look that’s very easy to replicate, making him an ideal candidate for a budget Halloween costume. You can even get your date or friend to dress up like a tree to be one of Ross’ famous “happy little trees”!

For good ol’ Bob, you need a long sleeve, slightly oversized man’s shirt, preferably in a very light blue or teal color. For the hair and bear, you can buy a brunette afro wig and a beard (in case you don’t want to let it grow. Your accessories will be a painter’s palette and a brush; don’t worry if the palettes seem expensive, you can make one with a piece of cardboard. Finish the whole get up with a pair of regular straight-fit blue jeans and some brown shoes, and voilá, Bob Ross! Remember to apply some paint to your palette and let it dry before the party so you don’t go around staining everybody.

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