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By: Rain City Maids
Jun 19, 2020

Now that maid services can re-open, you might want to consider all the cleaning chores you need to cover in your home. Disinfecting tasks have become an everyday chore for homeowners. That’s why we gather five essential deep cleaning tasks to prevent COVID-19 in your home and cope with the lockdown. Also, we will mention some essential cleaning supplies you need in your home. Take note and, if you want help with the chores, book your service on our website.

1. Focus on frequently touched surfaces

Everyone knows this one by now, but every home has its own routines and furniture, so defining this highly touched surfaces is an individual job. Doorknobs, faucets, light switches, dinner and counter tables must be on your list. Also, if you have a home office, disinfect your keyboard, mouse, and desk. Keep these areas clean, and you and our family will be safer.

2. Vinegar and other natural products are not recommended

Although natural products like vinegar are handy to kill bacteria, they don’t have enough power to kill significant viruses like COVID-19. Instead, always include in your house cleaning kit a bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer and a mix of water and bleach. These two options are better to kill germs and viruses from your surfaces. As an important side note: when you apply your disinfectant over any surface, leave it unwiped for a few minutes and clean it. That way, you’re giving time for the chemicals to kill the pathogens.

3. Separate and wash contaminated clothes

After going to the grocery store or other crowded places, a good piece of advice is to take off your shoes, undress, and separate the clothes in a “transition zone” or a corner where you won’t put anything else. If they are contaminated, you and the rest of your household won’t be exposed. Then, wash the clothes with warm water and soap and dry them, preferably under the sun. Do a similar process with other belongings like a purse, wallet, and keys: put them on the transition zone and disinfect them.

4. Disinfect floors by moping

Let’s be honest: leaving your shoes at the door isn’t always possible, either because the floor is too cold and you don’t have sandals at hand, or simply because you were in a hurry. Either way, recover your peace of mind by disinfecting your floors regularly. Hard floors should be good with a good moping using your favorite disinfectant. Carpets and rugs need to be thoroughly vacuumed, at a slow pace, and then washed with water and soap if possible.

5. Clean that forgotten corner or room

By now, surely, everyone has experienced the lockdown’s struggling effects. Being at home and with few human interactions affects the mental health of anyone. To enhance your mood, you can try tidying up and cleaning a game room, a home office, or any other spot on your house that needs maintenance. Make it a project! Clean the dust, rearrange the furniture (or buy a new one), and perhaps you will have a new favorite spot to read or watch a movie.

What can we do for you?

Rain City Maids can help you achieve your cleaning and disinfecting goals. We are experts in residential cleaning. Book our multi-touched cleaning service to disinfect all those surfaces; also, we can sanitize your hard floors, vacuum your carpets, and do a deep cleaning to your home office, game room, or any other room. Book your services here.

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