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By: Rain City Maids
Sep 29, 2017

At some point in time, you’re faced with a situation wherein you need to clean and tidy up the place right away, but time isn’t on your side! Perhaps you just got a call from a friend or neighbor telling you that they’re stopping by and your house is a mess! That’s when knowing a couple of quick cleaning tips can help you through your day say's our friends at the Cleaning Tribe in LA .

While the rooms behind closed doors don’t require any urgent cleaning and organizing, your living/sitting room and any other parts of the house that are within sight will need a quick cleanup. So, without wasting any time, here are four cleaning tips that will make your home look presentable before those guests that give you a really short notice arrive!

Fast and Effective Cleaning Tips for Your Home

1. Clear up the Surface

There are probably a lot of things cluttering up your tables and other furniture that shouldn’t even be in the room. So, the primary thing you need to do is round up these items and keep them in another room (with a door!). You can put them back in their respective places once your guests leave. This should take you less than a minute (depending on the amount of clutter in the room).

2. Remove Dust with Rubber Gloves

Since you don’t have much time to spare, you’ll need the quickest dusting solution to get the job done before your guests arrive. For this, all you need is a pair of rubber gloves! They are easy to use and extremely efficient in picking up dust. Most of all, dusting with rubber gloves is quick because you can even wipe curios/knickknacks without a dust rag that tends to slip from your hands or requires to be held a certain way to dust properly.

3. Spot Clean Your Floors

Since you won’t have time to clean your floors entirely, spot clean them instead. This means scanning the floor and sweeping areas where dirt is present. If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner, we would advise using it for this purpose to speed up the cleaning. After that, you can spot clean stains by spritzing them with a cleanser and mopping them right up.

4. Tidy it Up, Remove the Clutter

Even a clean home can look messy and untidy if things are kept haphazardly. To put things neatly won’t take you more than a minute and is the last thing to do when cleaning and tidying up in a hurry. Do this by moving around the room quickly and straightening out the couch; put cushions in place; neatly keep showpieces; adjust crooked frames; and so on.

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