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By: Rain City Maids
Jul 04, 2022

Every home has unique cleaning needs. However, dust is a common issue in every house; even if you clean thoroughly, it will return sooner or later.

Although dust coming back is inevitable, it doesn't mean you can't fight it. Even if you can't eliminate it once and for all, some simple practices can make the dust take longer to return.

Check out this tip compilation to learn how to keep your house dust-free for longer. It will help you wonders!

Is it dangerous to live in a dusty home?

Dust not only looks bad, but it can also harm your family's health. For example, dust can cause allergies. As it carries a lot of particles, including pollen and other allergens, dust can go through your nose and cause sneezing or irritation.

But it's not only allergies that should worry you, as asthma can also be triggered or accentuated by dust. Watch out for other dangerous reactions like dermatitis and bronchial infections.

Those are just some of the health risks dust can pose. So, read on and protect your family from dust!

How to prevent dust in your home

From simple practices and habits to expensive purchases, here are the best things you can do to protect your house from dust and the hazards it represents.

Tip #1. Keep the dust outside

Approximately 60% of dust comes from outside, so stopping it from entering your home is essential if you want to keep a dust-free environment for longer.

It may seem simple, but it works: keep doors and windows closed whenever possible.

However, this is never a definitive solution. A closed space may cause changes such as temperature rising or stale air. So, if you want to keep the airflow going, choose one window and keep it open.

Tip #2. Get a quality doormat

Since you want to prevent dust from entering, a coarse fiber doormat at the entrance of your house is your best choice. The fibers in this type of doormat are more effective in trapping dust—remind everyone to clean their feet before walking through the door!

Tip #3. Establish a "no shoes" rule

When you're outside, your shoe soles get dirty, and when you return home, all that dust spreads through the floor.

A solution is to put a "no shoes'' rule into practice. This simple practice consists in removing your shoes right after entering the house to keep the soil there. If you buy indoor shoes, getting used to this habit won't be an issue; you'll barely notice the difference.

Tip #4. Groom your pets in an open space

If you are a pet owner, you might have noticed by now that a good part of the dust in your house is pet dander. Besides, pet hair covering your clothes and furniture can be annoying and unhygienic.

If your four-legged friend is shedding too much hair and dander, you can reduce the amount by brushing your pet in your backyard, front yard, or any other open space.

Extra: Groom your pets daily to reduce the probability of pet hair appearing everywhere. Also, your pets will feel better!

Tip #5. Vacuum frequently and efficiently

The adequate frequency to vacuum your house will depend on how many people live there. Generally, rooms should be vacuumed once a week, and you should take care of common areas every other day. Clean the filter in your vacuum once a month for better results.

The best way to vacuum your floors: Work in slow, superimposing strokes to give the vacuum a chance to suck up the dirt. 

Tip #6. Don't forget high places

Have you dusted a room, only to find it dirty again after a few hours? If so, it might be that you are overlooking some dusty spots. For example, ceiling fans and some light fixtures are hard to reach, and because of that, they are often skipped when cleaning.

As you neglect those spots, dust accumulates, and it only takes a light breeze to spread throughout the room. So, get an extended duster, clean the top of cabinets, the ceiling, or high appliances, and then use a vacuum to suck the fallen dust.

Useful hack: If you have ceiling fans, slip a pillowcase in the blades to collect dust without making a mess.

Tip #7. Reduce the clutter

All that scattered stuff in your house provides extra surfaces where dust can settle. Piled-up objects create crevices and corners that are perfect for gathering dust.

Solve this problem by taking time to organize your stuff and free some space in your house—dust every object before storing it. A tidy home will help you feel happier too!

Tip #8. Get an air purifier

Many devices can help you keep dust at bay when the budget is not an issue. The obvious examples are air purifiers, which trap dust particles in the air. You can place one near doors or windows to let it trap the dust as soon as it gets in. 

Consider getting an air purifier with a HEPA filter—it traps up to 97% of dust particles!

Tip #9. Invest in a robotic cleaner

Robotic cleaners are a blessing. Consider investing in one as they'll save you a lot of time; you can let them run while you focus on other tasks. Besides, their scheduled cleaning will keep fighting dust when you are not home.

Tip #10. Get rid of upholstery

The fabric covering your furniture gathers and creates a lot of dust. You can try hacks to clean each piece of furniture or vacuum upholstery regularly, but that kind of furniture will keep contributing to the amount of indoor dust. As time passes, the problem will only get bigger.

It may sound extreme, but the definitive answer to this problem is trying to get rid of upholstery in your home. It's undoubtedly a significant investment, but there's no need to do it all at once; keep it in mind when it's time to replace a piece of furniture.

Let Rain City Maids help you keep dust at bay!

As already mentioned, dust always comes back, so regular cleaning is necessary to stop dust from taking over your home. Is your schedule too tight to include a cleaning routine? Don't worry; Rain City Maids will take care of it! 

Try our recurring cleaning service, carried out by well-trained and trustworthy maids in the Seattle area. Get instant pricing now and pay when the job is done!

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