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Post-party clean up alone

Post-Party Cleanup Tips for the Host

April 6, 2017

House parties are great. You have a good time and feel happy to have shown your guests a great time, too. You played the perfect host and politely declined your guests’ offers to stay and help you clean up. Finally, everyone leaves, and you’re standing alone surrounded by dinner plates with food scraps, half full (or empty) cups/glasses, not to mention those sticky surfaces and stained floors. Apparently, you’re too exhausted to even think about cleaning up and just want ...

Life Without a Maid

Maid Service Truths: Life Without a Maid

March 8, 2017

Anyone who has used a maid service knows what it’s like to live without one. Unless, of course, your family has had a maid since the day you were born. Either way, if you’ve had a taste of both lives, with and without a servant, you’ll probably relate to a lot of what we’re about to share with you. This is typically what life without a maid is like for working people or home-dwellers. The Morning Rush If you want ...

Rain City Maids

Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for Spotless Home

February 20, 2017

It’s been said time and again; household cleaning is no barrel of monkeys here are your Must-Have Cleaning Supplies! For most of us, it’s tiring, time-consuming and just plain dreadful. But if you don’t have a professional maid to do the cleaning for you, someone’s got to step up (which is probably you). While household cleaning can be a drag, it can also be made easier and more efficient by just using the right cleaners and cleaning tools. Have you ...


How to Avoid Clutter in Your Home

January 27, 2017

Do you ever walk into a room, stop, and wonder how it got so cluttered? More importantly, do you realize how damaging a cluttered home can be to your mental state of mind? It’s true; when you compare a clean, organized home to one that is dirty and untidy, the results are worlds apart. Clutter and chaos go hand in hand; where there is disorder in the home (and piles of it), there is a sense of mayhem. A neat ...

Rain City Maids

How to Deep Clean Your Gas Stove Burners

January 24, 2017

Cleaning up in your kitchen means cleaning the counters, sink, stove, the exterior of appliances and sweeping and mopping the floor. But there’s one thing that is often overlooked, yet just might be the dirtiest part of your kitchen – the stove grates. Do you notice how much burnt on food gunk is clinging to your burners? In fact, most of what you see is burnt food residue and not your actual grates! Dirty burner grates are unhygienic, unsightly and ...

Stop making these cleaning mistake in your Bellevue home

Common Cleaning Mistakes

January 15, 2017

Thats Right, Cleaning Mistakes Can happen, and here is how to avoid them Cleaning up at home can seem like an endless job. Mostly because there’s so much to do and so little time. And when you choose the wrong cleaning products or techniques, chances are you’re wasting your time and doubling the workload. Now that you know that, it’s time to change the way you clean right away! Here’s a look at some very common cleaning mistakes and how ...

Rain City Maids - Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tips

December 28, 2016

Unique and Simple Cleaning Tips for a Shiny Bathroom Again! Stepping foot into a dirty bathroom is something no homeowner enjoys. It’s disgusting, it’s unsightly and most of all, it’s unsanitary! Having said that, keeping your bathroom spotlessly clean all the time doesn’t come that easy. It requires some effort but, it’s well worth it! A clean bathroom is not just good for health and a joy to use, it also depicts a good image of you and your family. ...

What-EVER is an amazing All Purpose Cleaning Product

June 5, 2016

What-EVER is an amazing All Purpose Cleaning Product! At my home, I’m always using What-EVER! around the house to kill my most pesky stains. With all of the things going on in your home now-a-days, the hardest thing to do sometimes is keep it clean. But What-EVER by Better Life Products helps with all of that. One of the best things about it is organic and safe. My friends at Scrubily ( are looking to use natural products because other ...

The Benefits of Regular Deep Cleaning Services for Your Home

December 6, 2015

In previous decades, cleaning services were something that only the very wealthy households could afford. Having a cleaner regularly caring for your home was a mark of status, but also an indication of a household that was a little too busy to take care of the chore of cleaning on a weekly basis. The truth is that today, families are busier than they ever have been. Hiring a residential cleaner is still a luxury (because you don’t have to do all the cleaning ...