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By: Rain City Maids
May 01, 2023

As one of the busiest spaces in a home, kitchens tend to get dirty more often than other rooms. To make things worse, food and grease stains are harder to remove, so it's no wonder a messy kitchen can demoralize even the most spirited homeowner.

However, you can keep your kitchen in pristine condition with enough will and a little discipline—and we can help you! Here we share eight tips that will help you achieve such an amazing feat.

Tip #1. Tackle the mess before you cook

Those spills over your counter or that couple of dishes in the sink may not look like much—you can clean them fairly quickly, after all. However, leaving the cleaning for later while you use the kitchen will only add to the mess. When you least expect it, your kitchen will be in shambles.

So, regardless of how big or insignificant the mess is, it's crucial that you get rid of it before you start cooking or preparing a meal. Also, if you address this issue early, your mess-free kitchen will make cooking time less stressful, cumbersome, and risky (mainly cross-contamination).

Tip #2. Clean as you go

One thing that makes keeping your kitchen clean an ordeal is that you might not have the energy or the time needed after cooking. Also, when you eat, the sluggish feeling that comes after doesn't help at all.

Luckily, there's a great way to prevent a messy kitchen when using it: cleaning it along the way. 

If it sounds cumbersome, remember that cooking usually involves a lot of wait time. So, take advantage of that and wash cutlery, pots, and kitchen tools you use, or clear and wipe your counters as long as time allows you.

Extra: You can also carry out this tip if there is already a big mess in your kitchen and you don't want to make the best use of your time while cooking.

Tip #3. Empty the sink after every meal

Although letting the dishes accumulate before washing them helps to save water (and power if you use a dishwasher), it makes it easier to overlook them, making your kitchen look (and smell) terrible—besides posing a health risk as bacteria can grow there.

Keep your kitchen tidy and healthy by washing your dishes right as you finish using them. However, if you have dirty pots in the sink, it may deter you from doing the dishes. Therefore, wash pots first to make the sink less cluttered and have enough space to tackle the rest.

Tip #4. Keep it minimal and clear your countertops

Having your kitchen utensils and spices always handy is very practical, so you may feel at ease having all those items on your countertops. On the other hand, a cluttered kitchen creates all kinds of nooks and crannies for dust and grease (or even bugs like cockroaches) to settle.

Don't worry; you don't have to clear your kitchen counters completely. The secret is to find a balance that works for you. You can keep appliances and utensils you regularly use—for example, four times a week minimum—or those too heavy to haul whenever you need them.

There will be less clutter when you use the kitchen, less dust, and you'll be able to wipe countertops more easily.

Tip #5. Have a place for everything

Clearing your countertops won't help much if you only randomly toss things into shelves and cabinets. That's just moving the mess from one place to another—a well-organized space plays a huge role in having a clean kitchen.

One way to organize your kitchen is to assign specific areas for similar items. You can clump canned food in the same cabinet or put big pots in a single spot. If you have kids, you can label your fridge and pantry so they know where to find or place the items they need.

Also, choose specific areas in your countertops to do certain tasks and prevent messes from spreading all over your kitchen. For example, if you like to bake, you can restrict the baking process to the area where your stand mixer is. That way, you won't have to wipe cake mix from all the other countertops.

Tip #6. Organize the cabinet under your sink

Having your cleaning supplies handy will save you time and headaches. Storing your supplies in the sink cabinet is a practical way to access them easily, but organizing them further helps you to keep your kitchen neat and clean.

Setting up a corner for cloths, another area for spray bottles, and another for cleaning solutions is a simple yet effective way to organize your cabinet. Go ahead and try it!

Extra: If the space is too cluttered, try to keep there only what you need the most. For example, a degreaser, a sponge, or a brush are must-haves in the kitchen to deal with stubborn stains.

Tip #7. Maintain your kitchen cloths in top shape

It doesn't matter how often you clean; your kitchen won't be spotless for too long if you don't keep your cleaning rags grime-free.

The most straightforward way to clean your kitchen cloths is by washing them weekly (or as soon as they get too dirty). However, you can also assign different rags to different tasks. For instance, a cloth used to clean dust will stay clean longer than the one used to wipe grease.

Tip #8. Consider investing in specialized tools

There are specialized tools that can help you keep your kitchen pristine and healthy for longer.  Better yet, they make you spend less time and effort cleaning. So, if you have the money and want to take care of your kitchen, think about getting these tools.

Some of the most common tools homeowners use to reduce kitchen messes are splatter screens and kitchen hoods—these two work by reducing the amount of grease that flies onto your countertops. However, even something as simple as a spoon rest will help you greatly!

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