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By: Rain City Maids
Nov 07, 2022

Dogs may bring joy to your house, but they also shed a lot of hair. So, things get pretty ugly for dog owners with carpeted floors, as thin dog hairs cling onto carpet fibers very easily.

Luckily, there are several tricks and methods to remove dog hair from your carpets. Check them out here!

How to get rid of dog hair in low-pile carpets

If you have low-pile carpets or rugs in your home, dog hair will be more visible, but removing it is far from being a walk in the park. Usually, fur is tightly held in place by static or gets stuck in the thin carpet fibers, making it difficult to get rid of without special methods. 

Method #1. Wet paper towels

Getting rid of dog hair is challenging, but there's no need to get a fancy tool. Let's start with the easiest and cheapest way to remove fur from a low-pile carpet: wet paper towels. 

So, damp a couple of paper towels and gently rub or press against the rug—water's adhesive properties will take care of the rest. If your dog likes to lay on the carpet, be careful not to wet the spot too much, or you could release nasty pet odors.

Caution: Paper towels will eventually rip and tear, leaving residue behind. Try using this method only on small spots.

Method #2. Lint roller

The sticky tube of a lint roller picks up dirt from almost every surface, including carpets. So, if you still don't have this practical tool at home, consider getting one the next time you do groceries.

Using a lint roller on your carpet is as simple as it looks. Press the sticky side against the carpet and roll it to collect the hair—of course, you should keep an eye on the sticky sheet and remove it as needed. 

Do you have a spare paint roller? Lint rollers are too small to clean a large area. However, using a paint roller and tape, you can make a DIY tool that works exactly like a larger lint roller. Check the detailed instructions for this hack here.

Method #3. Rubber Gloves

Have you ever noticed how balloons can pull on your hair? That's an electrostatic property of rubber, and you can use it to your advantage by slipping on a pair of rubber gloves.

So, with your gloves on, start rubbing your hands along the surface of your carpet. As you go through the carpet, the gloves will get charged with static, making it easier to pick up hair as you progress.

If you pick too much dog hair, rinse the gloves with clean water. Once they are almost dry, you can get back to work.

Caution: If getting down on your knees is tiresome or challenging, don't worry about finishing in one go. It's ok to clean your carpet in multiple sessions!

Method #4. Squeegee

The rubber in a squeegee also acts like a magnet for dog hair but covers a larger area in less time. Even if you don't own a squeegee yet, getting one might be a good idea if you consider that it doubles down as a window-cleaning tool.

To clean your carpet with the squeegee technique, wipe along your carpet length from one end to the other—use short, repeated strokes if necessary. Clumping dog hair this way will let you pick it up or vacuum it quickly and easily.

Method #5. Fabric softener

Fabric softener permeates fabrics with antistatic properties to stop particles from clinging to the surface. In the same way, applying fabric softener to your carpet will break down static bonds, loosening fur and other particles.

First, you'll need to mix 1 part fabric softener and three parts water in a spray bottle. Once your solution is ready, mist your carpet and wait until it dries (it won't take long). Dog hair (and many other particles) will loosen up, letting you suck them up with your vacuum quickly.

Methods that also work on high-pile carpets

Removing dog hair from high-pile carpets is a bigger challenge as the long threads prevent many methods and tools from reaching deep enough. Tangled-up tufts and hair could also call for more specialized tools, and here are your best options.

Method #6. Carpet rake

Carpet rakes are specifically designed to dig deep into the carpet fibers, loosening and removing all kinds of dirt. Getting one with rubber bristles is recommended, as rubber's capabilities for static buildup will make removing dog hair even easier.

When sweeping your carpet, be sure to apply pressure to remove the most pet fur possible—short and firm strokes will help you out with particularly dirty areas. If too much hair gets tangled up in the bristles, remove it. Otherwise, you won't pick up as much fur as intended.  

Method #7. Dog brush

Another excellent option to remove dog hair from your carpets and rugs is to use the same tool you use to groom your furry friend.

Long-bristle dog brushes are especially effective on high-pile carpets as they can reach deep-stuck hair. It's even better if you have a brush with metal bristles, as their stiffness will drag hair and particles more efficiently.

Remember to clean the brush if too much hair gets stuck. Otherwise, you could struggle in the process.

Method #8. Pet vacuum cleaner

Pet vacuums make things easier for pet owners thanks to their high suction power and specialized blisters and filters—preventing hair from tangling in the nozzle. 

The only downside of getting a pet vacuum cleaner is the cost. However, if budget is not an issue, upgrading your vacuum cleaner with a specialized device will make the difference.

A less expensive alternative is to get a pet hair attachment for your regular vacuum cleaner. It may not be as effective as a specialized vacuum, but if you couple it with other methods, you'll have great results.

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