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By: Rain City Maids
May 06, 2019

You could say that the best smell that a bathroom could have is no smell at all, and indeed, that’s a goal that keeps eluding many, many hygiene-oriented homeowners around America for years. How to get rid of bad bathroom odors naturally? Well, we don’t have to go into many details to tell you that the bathroom is the place where a lot of smelly activities and materials meet, but the answer isn’t always so obvious.

A bathroom is also a place that’s in constant contact with lots of humidity year round, so it should come as no surprise that you’re also dealing with possible germs and molds, among other foul things. Whatever the case may be, we’ve made this list to show you the best housekeeping tips to keep your bathroom smelling fresh every day from now on.

Do a deep clean and air it out

The first and most obvious step is to do a deep clean of every nook and cranny in your bathroom, then keep it constantly aired out so that there’s no chance for the humidity to grow mold and other nasty things in there. Check the shower, under the toilet and behind the sink to make sure that no mold or mildew is present since that can be a source of unpleasant smells too. If you live with young children, be sure to tell them not to make a mess of water when they use the bathroom, and to always flush properly when they’re done with their business.

Absorb the bad odors

Now that you’ve properly “reset” your bathroom with a deep clean, it’s time to keep it smelling fresh instead of letting time and use do their usual thing. Using white vinegar and baking soda as odor absorbers is a good technique since all you have to do is leaving a container with the absorber sitting on the counter; if it’s too visible, use a pretty vase or decorated glass to pass it off as part of the décor. Another good absorber is activated carbon, which you can get it anywhere they sell aquarium supplies.

Harvest the power of lemons

If you want a more natural, visually-appealing method that also smells pretty good, then slice up a few lemons and place the slices in a plate close to the toilet, preferably atop the tank. Lemons are a great way to combat bad smells and actually bring in some fresh ones into the mix. Change the slices for new ones once a week, or sooner if your bathroom sees heavy traffic.

Use strong essential oils

Essential oils some of the best bathroom odor eliminators because they are so strong smelling themselves, especially lavender and lemongrass. The best way to use them is to warm a few drops of oil in a diffuser, so leave the diffuser, bottle and a few matches in an accessible place so that your guests can see it and then use it. This will get rid of even the strongest funks, but if you don’t have a diffuser, just soak up the oil with a cotton ball and leave it somewhere it can remain undisturbed for a week until you replace it.

Make your own air freshener

Using a regular air freshener is a good way to combat smells, but some people, either due to allergies or the chemical nature of the odor, don’t like to use brand name variants. Well, if you’re one of those people, then you’ll love to know that you can make your air freshener with only a few ingredients! All you have to do is mix one part vodka to three parts water and add a few drops of essential oils, and put it in a spray bottle. Voilá! An effective and cheap option to traditional products.

Having bad smells in your bathroom is, sadly, unavoidable. It’s part of its purpose for them to be there! Thankfully, there are plenty of great hacks to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, like the ones we just listed. If you, however, want to rid your house of unpleasant odors beyond only the bathroom, then calling a professional cleaning team is your best bet.

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