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By: Rain City Maids
Oct 17, 2022

Cleaning services are a blessing from heaven, especially if you constantly struggle to find the time for housework. So, since house cleaners are so helpful, it's normal to feel like giving them an extra.

However, tipping your house cleaner can get complicated. Should you tip them in the first place? How much do you need to give? Don't worry; here are some considerations to help you clear these doubts.

Should you tip your house cleaner?

Although tipping for services is customary, there are no hard-and-fast rules—especially when it comes to cleaning services. People can give an extra to their maids for many reasons, but one thing is for sure: it's never mandatory. 

However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't consider tipping your house cleaner. Even if it's not mandatory to give an extra to your cleaning professionals, a tip is a great way to show appreciation, especially when receiving outstanding service.

What to consider before tipping your cleaner?

Tipping is not an exact science, so you won't find a formula telling you how much to give. However, the following considerations will help you give a tip that feels right.

  1. The difficulty of the task

All cleaning tasks vary in difficulty, even inside the same house. For example, depending on the time of the year, your cleaner can find a lightly dusty floor or a muddy mess after a rainy day.

Even if difficult chores may not take more time, they can be unpleasant and tiresome. Professional cleaners are ready to tackle those tasks, but they'll appreciate a generous tip after a tough cleaning session.

  1. Cleaner attitude

The employees' attitude is part of any service, so it affects how much people tip. For example, when a server in a restaurant is attentive, you may feel compelled to leave an extra.

The same happens when your house cleaner greets you, answers your questions, and kindly attends to your requests. In the end, you'll feel more enticed to tip them if they show you a good attitude.

On the other hand, it's not wrong if you choose not to tip a rude cleaner. However, if you decide to tip anyway, make sure to speak up. Providing feedback during these situations will let the cleaner make things up for you and deliver better service down the line.

  1. Tipping culture

Tipping etiquette could vary from place to place, even inside the same country. For example, people in big cities tend to tip higher. An excellent way to learn these customs is by asking your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

Not only does tipping culture differ depending on the place, but different industries have different customs. For example, a waiter may always expect a tip, while a bartender won't. When it comes to cleaning services, a tip is appreciated but may not be expected.

  1. Frequency of the service

Many people prefer to tip more for a one-time cleaning. In fact, a one-time cleaner could struggle with your specific cleaning needs or not know how to get to your house. Take their effort into consideration when deciding to tip them.

On the other hand, if you have a go-to cleaner, you can relax a little about tipping. It's OK to give a small tip each time or even give an extra only on special occasions. Your maid won't make it a big deal since cleaning will be easier as they get accustomed to your home.

  1. The size of the cleaned area

It's not the same tidying up a bedroom as cleaning an entire living room; or a small house versus a big one. Even if your home is not that dirty, cleaning a big house will take more time. Then, a big tip is an excellent way to reward your cleaner's effort.

Besides, the more time your maid spends cleaning a single home, the fewer chances they'll have to clean other houses—thus, receiving fewer tips. It's not up to you to make their day with a generous tip, but you could consider it.

  1. The location of your home

Getting to your place can sometimes be an issue for your cleaner, especially if they have to reach their destination by their own means. For example, they could encounter heavy traffic or use more gas than usual. 

Even if these unseen factors aren't your fault, giving a tip is an excellent way to reward a cleaning professional for their efforts and show that you value their work.

  1. Number of cleaners

When hiring an independent cleaner, you'll never have more than one professional in your house. However, cleaning companies may send two or more cleaners to tackle your chores. 

This situation could raise doubts about tipping, especially if you already have an amount in mind. Don't worry; you won't be expected to give a whole tip to each cleaner—one approach you could take is to split the tip between the maids.

  1. Holidays

As said before, most maids won't usually expect a tip each time they clean your house. However, that could change around the end-of-the-year holidays. The reason is simple: most people tend to give a higher-than-usual tip during those days.

So, if holidays are around the corner—or the cleaner is servicing your home during a holiday—consider that a generous tip could be more expected.

Money is not everything (especially during holidays!)

Cash isn't the only option to express gratitude for cleaning services. Instead of tipping, giving a present to your cleaner can come across as more thoughtful—especially if you know them well.

Even if you aren't that close, you can pick a present that everybody loves: A bottle of wine, a delicious baked good, or a gift card.

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