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By: Rain City Maids
Feb 05, 2024

Crafting a game plan to maintain your home's tip-top condition involves putting vacuuming at the forefront. However, knowing how often you need to vacuum your home doesn't have a single answer, as there are many things at play, and it could vary depending on the circumstances.

The silver lining is you won't need to break a sweat over when and where to wield your vacuum cleaner because we have all the info you need. Below, you'll discover a user-friendly guide on the optimal vacuuming frequency to keep your living space spick and span!

How often should you vacuum your floors?

As floors are constantly getting dusty and dirty, vacuuming them becomes a high priority on any homeowner's to-do list. However, contrary to what many may think, you don't necessarily have to vacuum yours daily.

Different types of floors call for different vacuuming frequencies. Factors like how much dust they accumulate, and foot traffic will determine the recurrence. Get the lowdown and stick to these guidelines:

Hard flooring (like tile and vinyl)

Due to how smooth they are, hard floors don't gather that much dust, so once a week is the magic number for vacuuming. Opt for a brushless vacuum with robust suction for optimal results.

Pro-tip: Dirt can get stuck in the grout, so give your floors an express sweep before vacuuming.

Hardwood floors

If your hardwood floors are finished, they'll behave pretty much as hard flooring, so you'll only need to carry out a weekly vacuuming session. However, if you have unfinished wood, aim for a minimum of two vacuum sessions per week.

Dust can get stuck in the grain of unfinished wood, so vacuum in its direction. Dirt particles can also get stuck in the slits between planks, so consider it and vacuum parallel to them (most of the time, it's the same direction as the grain).

Carpeted floors

Carpet strands are the perfect dirt trap, so it's no surprise that carpeted floors get much dirtier than bare floors. Of course, the higher the pile is, the more particles the carpets will collect.

High-pile carpets will need a minimum of three vacuuming sessions a week to keep the dust away. On the other hand, if they are in low-traffic spots or have a short pile, a bi-weekly vacuuming ritual should do the trick.

How about mattresses and upholstery?

Floors might be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about vacuuming, but did you know that other places in your home can also benefit—and benefit you—if you vacuum them? For example, your mattresses and upholstered furniture.


Over time, your mattress accumulates great quantities of dust particles, mainly composed of dead skin cells—cells that attract dust mites that could cause allergies and respiratory problems. Vacuuming it keeps it healthy for you, but what's the right frequency?

If you use thick cover sheets on your mattresses, keep your bed in tip-top shape with a biannual vacuuming routine. Some great times to carry out this task are during spring cleaning and again as the dust mite season wraps up in October.

However, if you use thin covers, you'll need to adopt a vacuuming routine that fires off every three months to keep your bed dust-free.


Although upholstered furniture also plays host to dust over time, not all pieces demand the same vacuuming care.

Furniture that is not used often or rarely in contact with you or your clothes (like headboards) only needs a monthly vacuuming. On the flip side, your beloved couch and its cushions are due for a weekly vacuum cuddle.

What if pets share your space?

When you live with pets, vacuuming takes an even more important role in your home cleanliness, as finding your beloved furry friend's hair in all kinds of places becomes a daily sight—more so if your pet sheds a lot!

Your pet doesn't rest, so ideally, a quick vacuum every day should be the norm to keep the hair from covering your floors and furniture.

If your busy schedule doesn't let you carry out a daily cleaning routine, you can also do a thorough vacuum twice or thrice a week (depending on the level of fur) to not drown in hair. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment, be sure to use it for maximum efficacy.

Extra: Remove the canister and wash it every two or three days to prevent malfunctions.

Ceilings and walls deserve some love, too!

It might not cross your mind often, but ceilings and walls could use a touch of attention now and then. But don't worry! You won't have to struggle to vacuum them from one side to the other as if they were your floors, just a few important areas.

Direct your focus to corners or near lightbulbs where cobwebs and dirt start to accumulate. Behind frames and wall decorations is another dust hotspot. Vacuum these zones monthly or quarterly, depending on the dust influx in your home.

Also, check (and vacuum if needed) any ceiling fans every month to avoid too much dust from gathering. Some pieces of furniture can be too heavy or difficult to move on a short-frequency basis, so take advantage of spring cleaning to vacuum behind it and get rid of dirt.

Recommendations for a more effective vacuuming

Maximize the cleanliness you can achieve in your home through vacuuming with these couple of tips:

  • Don't rush it. A rushed vacuuming session might miss certain areas or won't pick up as much dirt as wanted. So, to the greatest extent possible, take your time vacuuming to get better results.
  • Clean your vacuum frequently. Dirty vacuum cleaners can lose suction power and instead spread dust when using it. Besides, regularly cleaning your vacuum extends its lifespan.
  • Carry a bag for objects that are too big. Attach a bag to your vacuum to pick up items that get in the way when vacuuming. This way, you can do it while vacuuming without losing time.

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