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By: Rain City Maids
Nov 20, 2023

While household cleaning can be a drag, there's a silver lining that transforms your routine from a mundane task to a more meaningful experience. Try to think about tackling chores, not out of obligation but as a form of self-care—it sounds much better, doesn't it?

The truth is that cleaning can bring you many good things in the health department! If you wonder what cleaning has to do with your well-being—and specifically your mental health— here's the answer for you right below!

How is cleaning related to your mental health?

Imagine walking into your house, but it is messy and chaotic. How does that make you feel? Probably a bit stressed. Now, imagine stepping into a clean and organized space where everything has its own little place—the calmness that washes over you!

But how does that work? You can think of your brain as a messy room. Chaos makes your thoughts scattered like misplaced socks, and the stress piles up like unfolded laundry. As you sweep through the outside mess, you free your visual space and your mind with it, too.

When you think about the link between your mind and your environment that way, it quickly makes sense how and why cleanliness affects you.

So, why do people clean when they're stressed?

When we feel anxious and stressed, there's this surplus of energy hanging around with nowhere to go. That's when some people turn to the cleaning game as a relaxing aid and a diversion for the mind.

The idea behind it is to take control by engaging in tasks we know how to perform and that we know the outcome of. Some examples are vacuuming, swabbing the deck, organizing stuff, and giving things a good dust-off.

Health benefits of cleaning the house

As you can see, doing your cleaning duties has clear effects on you, making you feel better overall. These benefits are many and impact various aspects of your life—and here you can learn eight essentials!

Benefit #1. Decluttering equals less stress

When we create order, we provide our brains with a visual respite, fostering a sense of calmness that permeates our entire being.

Decluttering goes beyond a mere physical act; it can be therapeutic for the mind. As we systematically clear our spaces, we also declutter our thoughts. Letting go of unnecessary items is like shedding the weight of the past, making room for a lighter, more liberated mental state.

Benefit #2. Increased productivity

When you keep a clean and ordered space, you experience heightened productivity. The connection between a clean environment and increased focus is backed by science.

When our surroundings are organized, our minds can more easily concentrate on the task at hand. This, in turn, enhances cognitive function, allowing us to work more efficiently and with better awareness.

Benefit #3. More chances of getting active

The benefits of cleaning and organizing extend beyond the mental realm; they profoundly influence our physical health. The act of cleaning itself can be a form of physical activity, promoting movement and exercise.

Also, a clean home can affect your day-to-day habits. From going for a stroll to full-on exercise, it has been concluded that when your place is all organized and clean, you'll feel more motivated to engage in various physical activities.

Moreover, studies suggest that living in clutter-free environments is associated with lower stress levels, leading to a reduced risk of stress-related health issues. Sometimes, the path to a healthier body might just start with a cleaner home.

Benefit #4. It feels rewarding

Completing cleaning tasks isn't just about a neat living space; it's about the psychological rewards of accomplishment. Every folded shirt, organized shelf, and decluttered room contributes to a tangible sense of achievement.

This sense of mastery over our immediate environment positively influences mental well-being, fostering confidence and a positive self-perception. Small cleaning victories, when achieved, can have a ripple effect on our overall emotional state.

Benefit #5. Improves social connections

A clean and inviting space plays a pivotal role in our social interactions, too. A clutter-free environment is more likely to be welcoming to others, creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere for connection.

Whether it's hosting friends or spending quality time with family, the impact of a clean space on relationships is undeniable. It sets the stage for meaningful interactions, fostering a sense of togetherness and enhancing overall mental well-being.

Benefit #6. Less risk of accidents

When you make a habit of decluttering and cleaning, you're essentially making your home a safer place.

Most times, those trips, slides, and not-so-gracious falls are a result of pathways filled with too much stuff or messy areas. Whether it's guaranteeing your routes are obstacle-free or taking care of spills, a tidy and clean home significantly lowers the chances of ending up with a bruise.

Benefit #7. Better air quality

Unwanted guests like dust, allergens, and pollutants have a knack for infiltrating our living areas and disrupting the air we take in. So, it makes sense that cleaning your space improves the air you breathe inside your home.

Keep things neat, and you'll cut down on the pesky particles drifting around, ensuring your air is healthier and less prone to causing illness.

Benefit #8. Healthy habits for long-term wellness

Consistency in maintaining a pristine space is a habit that pays dividends over time. Firstly, by weaving cleaning into our routines, we create a stable and predictable environment for our minds—which is a cornerstone of mental wellness, providing a sense of control and order.

Also, your eating and sleeping routines get a positive boost. For example, an organized kitchen encourages home-cooked meals instead of ordering takeout, and a cozy and clean bedroom paves the way for better sleep.

Keep your home always clean with a little help!

The best way to keep a clean space and experience the peace of mind you deserve is by tackling your cleaning needs frequently. If you don't have the time, Rain City Maids can help you!

Our team of expert cleaners will clean your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or fourth-week basis to keep it pristine. Get free instant pricing today and enjoy all the benefits!

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