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By: Rain City Maids
Jan 15, 2017

Thats Right, Cleaning Mistakes Can happen, and here is how to avoid them

Cleaning up at home can seem like an endless job. Mostly because there’s so much to do and so little time. And when you choose the wrong cleaning products or techniques, chances are you’re wasting your time and doubling the workload. Now that you know that, it’s time to change the way you clean right away! Here’s a look at some very common cleaning mistakes and how we choose to correct them.

1. Cleaning Windows

If you have to go over your windows again after cleaning them, you’re doing it wrong. Two mistakes homeowners make are cleaning without wiping the dust away first, and cleaning on a bright, sunny day. The former smears dirt across as you try to clean, while the latter dries your windows quicker than you can clean, leaving streaks on them. Both cases require you to redo them. So, be sure to wipe your windows done properly with a dust rag, and choose a partially cloudy or cooler time of day to do your windows.

2. Dusting Furniture

Do you leave your dust rags dirty after you’ve just used them? Major no-no! Even if you try to rinse and wring them the next time you want to dust, chances are they’ll still end up transferring dirt onto your furniture rather than removing any. So, whenever you finish dusting, rinse the rag under running water until the water runs clear. Do let it dry completely before folding and storing away.

3. Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Very often homeowners end up frustrated with cleaning because the tools they’re using just aren’t doing the job. Here are two examples: scrubbing stainless steel pots and pans with a soft scrubber takes a whole lot more time and effort, whereas an abrasive scrubber will get the job done easily and quickly! Similarly, using a feather duster to dust a lampshade is fine, but when you use one to clean your shelves, you’re merely unsettling dust rather than removing it. Hence, we advise using a microfiber dust cloth as they pick up dust with just one swipe!

4. Vacuuming

If you’re vacuuming when the bag is filled with dust, you may as well not vacuum at all. This is because it barely picks up any dirt and you end up vacuuming tirelessly, yet it all goes in vain. What’s worse, sometimes dust can even get blown out from the exhaust when the bag is loaded. So, as much as you don’t enjoy doing it, it’s absolutely necessary to empty out the vacuum bag to save yourself some time and energy the next time you vacuum.

5. Proper Use of Cleaners

Not all cleaners can be applied and immediately wiped or brushed to clean. Some of them need a small amount of standing time in order to be effective. It also makes cleaning easier and more effortless. Hence, when performing house cleaning on toilet bowls, soiled sinks and greasy surfaces, allow the cleaner to work its magic before you start working yours!

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