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By: Rain City Maids
Dec 16, 2019

Repurpose old Christmas ornaments are not for everyone. Sometimes you just need to clear the space from decorations and not-so-useful items. But, even though you take this decision, you still have to store your holiday decorations, and you know your future self will hate your past self for not saving the items practically. So, that’s why this blog is about how to store seasonal decorations and some tips to make it easier to unpack them next year.

Reuse boxes and cartons

Experienced house owners will know: you have to start cleaning and storing during the holidays. Save egg cartons, plastic bottles, and empty liquor boxes for your upcoming ornament packaging. Why? Because egg cartons, for example, are the perfect safeguard for your Christmas ball ornaments, or empty boxes that are big enough for storing your larger decorations. Although, make sure you mark every box with its contents, so you don’t forget what’s inside.

Make or buy custom dividers

And because delicate ornaments are very common, here are other few ideas. Save some plastic cups from your holiday party and use them for storing your little decorations items. For better results, glue the plastic cups to a table and put them safely in your garage. Also, you can make yourself some carton dividers for your boxes and protect your precious glass ball ornaments.

Use transparent containers

When we store your holiday decorations, we often focus only on occupying the smallest space we can while assuring the safety of our Christmas ornaments. But, there is a problem that you experience the next year: it’s tough to find and unwrap your hidden treasures! Use transparent containers to avoid this. If you see what’s inside, you have no problem the next Christmas. Also, you can write on your boxes the name and number of the content.

Roll up intelligently

Tangled cords in boxes is the worst. That’s one of the biggest reasons people heat to open their stored holiday ornaments. But here is a tip for that: don’t lose patience when you’re storing them. If you use some paper towel holders to roll up smoothly, your Christmas lights stay untangled and easier to use next year. You can also use coffee cans to the same purpose, or just wrap your cord decorations around cardboard. It’s more work, but worth it.

Put your beads in water bottles

For smaller ornaments, like beads, use water bottles to store them. Or even tennis ball containers. Whatever long cylinder you have at hand. The trick is to enroll them nice and slow inside the water bottle until there is no more room. That would keep your beads from tangle up. What a relief!

Hang your wreaths

Intricate decorations like wreaths need special care. Treat them with the same care you would a new nightdress or suit. Put a coat hanger on top and then cover the totality of the wreath with a dry plastic bag. That will keep it safe and free from dust until next Christmas. Just be sure not to store too many things in the same wardrobe.

Hopefully, these useful tips will make your next year’s unpackaging easier. Make time to store with patience all of your current decoration, and you’ll have peace of mind when you finish. And remember, if you need help with your house cleaning chores, you can contact us, and we do the cleaning for you.

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